Carey Priscilla and her husband Benito Muriu shaving pubic hair

Another obscene film that Carey Priscilla and her husband Benito Muriu have released has caused controversy once again.

In a video that was captured, the extremely pregnant Instagram model and makeup artist could be seen having her pubic hair removed.

The famous couple made the decision to film their own "shaving moment" and later posted the footage online.

In the footage, Priscilla is seen lying in bed with her legs spread out like she is walking along a street.

While talking to his wife, Benito softly shaved her pubic hair.

Since Priscila is from a religious sect where it is forbidden to show flesh, many Kikuyu bloggers who saw the two-minute film questioned her commitment to her faith.

In the video, the Instagram model wears a religious head covering (a turban) as her husband proudly shaves off her pubic hair.  

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