Sample of funny Tirries Tuesday photo

"Tirries Tuesday" If you were on Twitter on November 8 and saw the hashtag "Tirries Tuesday," then you must have been concentrating on it every Tuesday.

The subject that has been trending on the social platform for the larger part of every Tuesday has been at the top of the rankings for quite some time, and users have been contributing as much aged content as they are able to.

"Tirries Tuesday" takes place on a weekly basis, as stated by the Urban Dictionary. Women are free to expose their chests without fear of judgement for the duration of the 24-hour period.

As was alluded to before, the weekly "holiday" first appeared on Twitter. These days, however, it is celebrated across all forms of social media and even via text messages.

Even though many of the memes and messages that go along with the trend are emotional, some of the women who are part of it are using it as a chance to show how much they love their bodies.

The men, on the other hand, have been seen on camera having a field day with the "Tirries Tuesday" tram, with the vast majority of them riding on unrelated but humorous tweets. 

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