Ommy Dimpoz's girlfriend Maya Mia photo

Renowned makeup artist and bongo sensation Ommy Dimpoz's girlfriend Maya Mia's death did not sit well with fans. Fans accuse Ommy of foul play. 

Ommy Dimpoz and the attractive make-up artist have been dating since 2020.

Dimpoz uploaded multiple pictures of himself and Mia on social media, along with the statement, "Rest in peace, my sweetheart."

Idris Sultan, a comedian from Tanzania who dated Mia, has also paid tribute to her on his social media channels.

Although the reason for Maya Mia's death is unknown, early indications point to a potential suicide. 

May this terrible moment bring peace and healing to her friends and family.

Recently, Ommy Dimpoz made news after publicly rejecting his father on social media in response to the father's plea for Ommy to go and assist him.

Ommy rejected the appeals, stating that he hasn't had a close relationship with his father in more than 20 years. 

Ommy Dimpoz claims that when he was a child, his father disowned him, claiming his mother had him outside the bounds of marriage.

Ommy continued by explaining that his father never came up to support him or even express sympathy for the loss when his mother passed away while he was in primary school. 

He saw the said father's hatred and dishonesty when he indicated that the only reason he was now seeking recognition from him was that he had succeeded in life.

Ommy urged his followers to develop parental responsibility so they wouldn't look back and regret it. 

The artist went on to say that a parent's love and attention are the most valuable gifts they can give their children, something his father failed to provide for him ever since he was a little boy.

Ommy is not the only famous person to openly reject his father. Diamond Platinum, a fellow megastar, follows the same plot.

Even before his mother rejected him as Diamond's father, there have always been tensions between Diamond and Abdul. 

Diamond's allegations that Mzee Abdul had deserted them when they were young and broke were the primary problem from the beginning.

Diamond, however, decided to see his "father," Mzee Abdul, in 2019 after a long absence. 

The two looked to have made up, but the reunion was just temporary.

In 2020, Abdul appeared on television and begged Diamond to think of him after the earthquake struck. 

Although they had reunited with Diamond, according to Mzee Abdul in the viral video, they had scarcely spoken or even met, and whenever he tried to contact Diamond, he could only get through to his manager, Babu Tale.

However, Abdul said in the most recent interview that he had made amends with Diamond, her mother, and himself for all of their misconceptions and turmoil.

Fans accuse Ommy of sacrificing his girlfriend. Now fans claim they will monitor Ommy in the next few years to tick the box. 

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