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In the Njoro town, Nakuru County, police are now investigating after a dead body of a lady discovered packed in a bag and discarded on a riverside.

When two kids were gathering firewood next to the Ndarugu River, they came across the lady's corpse, who was between the ages of 35 and 40.

According to the police, their investigation revealed that the dead body had both its wrists and legs bound. She had been cut into parts and placed inside a bag.

Her lips were covered with a towel, probably so she couldn't call for help or draw attention to what was going on.

The investigation led the police to the conclusion that the lady had been murdered somewhere and her corpse discarded at the spot.

After site clean up, the body was taken to the mortuary at Egerton University. It is now waiting to be identified and have an autopsy done.

The police have said that they have not yet made an arrest or determined the motivation for the murder.

Children who were tending to animals in another part of Kavisuni, Kitui County, when they came upon the dead corpse of a man who was 70 years old.

According to the police officers who inspected the crime scene, a medical document bearing the name Musyoka Mutunga, who was 70 years old and suffering from tuberculosis, was discovered.

Following the processing of the site, the decomposing corpse was taken to the mortuary of Kitui County Referral Hospital, where it is now undergoing a postmortem examination.

Deep wounds were discovered on the corpse of a 47-year-old man named Syiengo Matei that was discovered at the sub-location of Kamuthanga in Kaningo.

The unknown assailants, according to the police, murdered him.

According to locals,  Matei went to Mwingi Game Reserve to graze his animals, but he never returned, and only his cattle returned on the evening of January 2.

It wasn't until many days later that his body was discovered inside the game reserve.

After looking into what happened, the police found that the dead person had been cut many times on the head, neck, and private parts of their body.

It has not yet been determined why the murder was committed.
The inquiry will have to wait until the corpse can be taken to the mortuary. 

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