After a nasty online spat, Diva Unapologetic Eve and Ainebintu rekindle their friendship


Diva Unapologetic Eve and Ainebintu amends their relationship

The Instagram Diva Unapologetic Eve and the singer Laura Karungi, also known as Ainebintu, have reconciled after Unapologetic Eve accused her accomplice in crime and singer Laura Karungi of snatching her wig.

Unapologetic Eve and Ainebintu have become so close, to the point that they even appeared in Crysto Panda's music video for the song "Bino-Ebiluma Abayaye," wagging their tails.

When a chick by the name of Patra Patricia came to Twitter and instructed Ainebintu to surrender the wig she stole from Unapologetic Eve, their fans believed their relationship was over for good. Patra Patricia is the name of Ainebintu's roommate.

Despite this, Ainebintu and Diva Unapologetic Eve have buried the hatchet and are working to improve their deteriorating relationship.

In the year 2020, things were different, with each other being blamed for having poor manners.

The conflict started when someone claimed to have misplaced their wig.

Ainebintu threatened to retaliate against Patra's *ss for badmouthing her after viewing the tweet, and she disclosed that she had the receipts for the wig that is the subject of the dispute.

Ainebintu asserts, in her defense, that she is being assaulted because she made out with Eve's guy in front of Eve when they were both at Ainebintu's home and that this is the reason why she is being attacked.

`After Ainebintu let the cat out of the bag, Eve, who had been keeping a low profile in Kanoli, joined the Twitter party!

Ainebintu is a rising performer and has performed songs such as Zzina, Tuzilye, and Kyensaba. She also works as a public relations representative for Gong DJ Academy.

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