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A training session for assistant county commissioners has been organised by the Ministry of Agriculture in preparation for the national household farmer registration activity that is scheduled to take place.

At the conference, which is now taking place in Nairobi at the Kenya School of Government, participants include 141 administrators from various parts of the nation as well as 47 county directors of agriculture.

The beginning of the training will be formally inaugurated by Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi.

Raymond Omollo, who is the Principal Secretary of the Interior and National Administration, James Muhatia, who is the Principal Secretary of Economic Planning, and Kello Harsama, who is the Principal Secretary of Crop Development, are all expected to be there.

The exercise in registration is geared toward farmers who participate in a variety of agricultural businesses.

The establishment of a national database of all farmers that includes information such as identification, profile, location, crop acreage, and fertiliser needs is the primary objective of this initiative.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, "This information will assist the government in the provision of targeted interventions, including subsidies and other farm inputs, for improved productivity and profitability and for the achievement of food security in the country."

The ACCs will acquire the requisite abilities upon completion of the training known as Training of Trainers (ToTs), which will prepare them for the procedure.

They will instruct the chiefs and the helpers of the chiefs in their respective territories.

According to Harsama, the completion of the collection of the data is anticipated to take place in one month's time.

The process will have two parts. In the first, the assistant chiefs will fill out written questionnaires about the farmers to find out more about them.

During the second phase, the administrators will collect all of the completed questionnaires and submit them to a central server in a digitised format using prepared Android tablets and smartphones. This will allow the data to be aggregated in real time. 

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