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Kenyans vented their anger on social media over "missing service" at internet service provider Zuku.


Customers were outraged by Zuku's "efficient disconnection and poor dependability of service," led by Cofek. 


 The business, which seldom ever replies to online customer complaints, took its effort to disregard the accusations a step further by promoting its services on Twitter.


Kenyans want Zuku kicked out Kenyan market by Communication Authority. Since 2017, Zuku has been frustrating customers with numerous downtime. 


The networking company has been hindering people's business with their unstable and unreliable connections.  

Zuku communications downtimes fixed by a technician

Below are comments on social media;

Jemena@valmoch4 - Zuku will not respond to any complaints but when I changed my provider months ago, they have been calling endlessly.  


@Davidmuriithi - Dear Zuku Pipo I was amongst the first 100 customers of your original parent company, Africa Online, over 2 decades ago. It's been quite the journey with many high and lows. However it is time we finally break up from this abusive relationship. You have changed over the years.    


@kabiru -Please formally write a complaint to @CA_Kenya. I've also submitted a complaint to them regarding Zuku & I've also requested a refund of my subscription from Zuku. 




@beatrice -I think zuku is a cult. Subscribers complain from January to January kwani its that hard to leave.   


@Mutoro -Zuku customers are suffering more than airtel customers but can't leave due to cheap packages. Guys, cheap is expensive. If your area is not covered by safaricom home fibre, get the wifi and add a few coins above what you pay for zuku and enjoy peace of mind.   


@cofek -OUR ADVISORY on #Zuku has been that, if you have an option, vote with your feet. Run from them. The other advisory has been that @CA_Kenya orders that Zuku refunds all their customers for their 75% plus downtime against very efficient disconnections on lapse of subscriptions.


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