Police car in Meru county


At the Thuura site in Meru County, a guy who was 41 years old took his own life after his mistress, an elderly lady lover he shared his life with, did not open the door for him at night for a game.


On Sunday night, the dead body of David Mbijiwe was found hanging near the homestead that belonged to his girlfriend. It is believed that their relationship had become estranged.


In the message that he left behind, Mbijiwe blamed his beloved Mary Ntinyari, 57, for his decision to take his own life, stating that he could not live without her.


A portion of the suicide note said, "Ntinyari, you are the reason why I have chosen to kill myself because I cannot live without you."


"Now search for my corpse in a tree along the road," which was the location of the tree where the body would be found.


In statements made by police officers, neighbors said that the deceased's lover did not open the door for him when he returned home late at night.


Before taking his own life, the dead man had been staying at the home of his sweetheart for a period of a few months.


"Mbijiwe was being held captive by the lady lover, who is a significant number of years his senior. Despite the significant age gap between them, they have been together.


"When we woke up and heard the devastating news, we were really taken aback," recalled one of the neighbors.


The head of the North Imenti Police Department, Ezekiel Chepkwony, added that the occurrence has been confirmed and that a suicide note was found with the corpse that was found hanging from a tree.


He went on to state that the corpse had been sent to Meru Level Five Teaching and Referral Hospital and that an inquiry into the occurrence had been opened by the police.


The OCPD went on to tell couples that instead of killing themselves or each other, they could talk to each other about their relationship problems to solve them.

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