Edwin Chiloba was a pastor not LGBTQ, family says refuting gay label


Late Edwin Chiloba's sister refutes that he was an LGBTQ+ activist

Edwin Chiloba was an LGBTQ+ activist and model who was killed in the line of duty. His family has said that the most talked-about label doesn't fit him.

Gladys Chemutai Kiptoo, Chiloba's sister, expressed her sorrow over her brother's violent death and called those who spread rumours about his homosexuality "enemies" in an interview with Citizen TV on January 9th.

The sister remembered that Chiloba went to religious events all the way back when he was in elementary school and kept doing so all the way through high school.

"My brother was raised in a family that adheres to the Christian faith. He led the Young Christian Students group at St. Francis Kimuron Boys' High School in addition to serving as a church leader at Sergoit Primary School. The moniker "pastor" has been given to him.

She made the observation that the chiloba that they knew from around the house was not the same as the one who was being painted.

" He pursued his education at the university in Nairobi. "We have never had any reason to suspect any of these things that we are hearing about on social media," she said.

In addition, the family said that the postmortem examination will take place on January 11 of this year.

She praised the administration and said that the family is moving closer and closer to finding justice.

"Edwin did not have any disagreements with anyone... Brother Yangu may you rest in peace. People destroyed you but we loved you, but God will assist us," she said. "The adversary took you away from us."

"IIi mambo tunasikia social media hatujawahi ona. My case is, ni enemies wake wanajaribu kumharibia jina. (The ongoing social media chatter about his orientation is being spread by people aiming at tarnishing his name.)

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