Canola farming in Kenya



Canola is a relatively new crop in Kenya. The popular varieties grown are Belinda and Hyola. 

It is adaptable to different attitudes, so it can be planted anywhere and can be done on a small or large scale depending on available resources.


Did you know that the yellow flowers of the canola plant are an ideal habitat and food source for honeybees?


A kg of canola goes for Kshs 50, which is relatively high. The crop completes its cycle in six months. All farmers who grow canola contract with Adventure Kenya, so there is already a market.


Canola is a great rotation crop, brings more income compared to other crops, and is more resilient to climate change. It can do well even when the rains are no longer good.


As a farmer interested in farming canola;

  • Always look for certified seeds, which can be bought at Adventure Kenya.
  • Prepare your land early.
  • Plant your seeds just before the rains.


Processing cycle, Canola oil is touted as a great choice for the kitchen. The extraction of seeds is done mechanically. Oil and canola cake products are extracted and later packaged for consumption.


After the extraction of canola oil, packaging is done, then storing begins. Later, distribution is done to various places.

Canola farming in Kenya


Canola is propagated using seed drills or by hand, and the seeds and fertilizer are put in at the same time. Canola cake is used for animal feeds.


The crop is a heavy feeder, so after planting, you will need to fertilize every one and a half months.


Depending on the variety and attitude of the area, the crop will be ready for harvesting in three and a half to five months.

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