Dr. Yusuf Kodwavwalla Dawood, a renowned surgeon and writer, passed away yesterday in the United Kingdom at the age of 94.

The main reason Dawood is well-known is because he wrote and published the column "Surgeon's Diary" for the Sunday Nation newspaper for a total of 38 years.

In the essay, Dawood talked about both the personal and professional things he learned from working with patients, which both had to do with medicine.

Top surgeon and columnist Dr Yusuf Kodwavwalla Dawood

His son, Jaan Yusuf, was the one to break the news to everyone that he had passed away, stating, "My dad slipped away from us in the early hours of this morning."

"We pray that his spirit finds rest and that the gods watch over him in his time of need."

After learning of the doctor's death, John Kamau, a writer and historian, stated that the doctor was a great Rotarian and writer.

Dr. Yusuf Kodwavwalla, also known as Yusuf Dawood of Surgeons' Diary, was a notable Rotarian, writer, and physician. He has passed away after a long battle with heart-related conditions.

He represented so many different things to all of us Rotarians. Dr. Dawood was an active member of the Rotary organization and at one point served as president of all of the Rotary clubs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

It was on September 13, 1928, in India that he was born into a family that included five brothers and a sister.

He moved to Kenya in 1961, and it was there that he began his profession as a surgeon at the Aga Khan Hospital.

It was in 1975 that he was given the position of executive director of the hospital. Before moving to the United Kingdom, the late Doctor Kodwavwala and his wife Marie Kodwavwala had spent the most of their 57-year marriage in Kenya.

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