former governor of Kitale, Patrick Khaemba
Ex-Governor Patrick Khaemba.


A judicial action has been taken against the former governor of Kitale, Patrick Khaemba, for failure to pay child support obligations.


Patrick Khaemba, a former governor of Trans-Nzoia, is facing allegations that he neglected his children.


Elizabeth Aridru, a lady with whom he is thought to have fathered a child, filed a claim against him at the Kitale Children's Court and asked for a judgement against him.



According to the court documents that were uncovered by this newspaper, Aridru is contesting the allegation that Khaemba has abandoned his paternal responsibilities to their child, who is now being cared for by their mother.


y According to her, Khaemba has been inaccessible since 2013, which is about the time when the kid was most likely born.


"I am requesting that this honourable court grant me actual and legal custody of the aforementioned child, as well as care and control of the aforementioned child, and that the aforementioned child's respondent be ordered to maintain and provide for the aforementioned child.


"Because of the child's medical condition, she is required to follow a specific diet, which comes at a significant financial burden," the lady claims in the documents filed with the court.


In addition, the mother said that the child's monthly maintenance costs amount to KSh 236,000, while supporting her assertions by submitting an affidavit under oath.


"The child will need an average of KSh 236,000 per month from the respondent herein for the maintenance and upkeep to cater for the following: rent of KSh 146,000, utilities of KSh 20,000, food of KSh 50,000, and entertainment of KSh 20,000," she added. "This amount will cover the following: rent—Kshs 146,000; utilities—Kshs 20,000; food—Kshs 50,000; and entertainment—Kshs 20,000."


Aside from Khaemba, there have been legal actions taken against other politicians who were thought to have hurt children. 

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