Fresh Fri becomes the First Edible Oil Brand to Get a Nod from Kenya Nutritionist and Dieticians Institute.

The Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) has certified Fresh Fri Oil from Pwani Oil Products Limited as the first cooking oil brand to be healthy and of high quality.


KNDI, a government organization that collaborates with Analabs, Bureau Veritus (BV), and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), performed a thorough quality check.


KNDI was set up by the parliament in 2007 to look at nutrition claims on food, food supplements, and nutrition supplements.In the Fresh Fri Original inspection checklist, KNDI made a list of 14 requirements for big food companies. The data also confirms the oil's quality and safety standards.


Rajul Malde, the commercial director of Pwani Oil, was happy with the result. "This shows how hard we work to make good products that not only meet industry standards but are also safe to eat," he said.


"Our goal is to keep our customers safe, make their lives easier, and give them the confidence to cook healthy food."


The 14 standards cover infrastructure and equipment, the availability of references and resources, utilities, raw materials, ingredients, and finished product storage; food production, packaging, labeling, and delivery; quality assurance, quality control, quality related events (QREs), and quality improvement (QI) activities; staff on-site; SOP documents and implementation; and marketing, labeling, and nutritional information.


"After reading the report from the accreditation technical team, the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute Council wants to register, certify, and approve Fresh Fri oil for human consumption under Section 36(2) of Cap 253B."


"Three reputable labs—Analabs, Bureau Veritus (BV), and SGS—analyzed the samples.


"The labs used legitimate and well-known analytical methods, so the results are a true reflection of the quality of fresh olive oil," said David Okeyo, CEO of KNDI.
Vitamin A, TFAs, copper, iron, lead, peroxide value, acid value, moisture content, fat content, insoluble contaminants, and arsenic were all within standard criteria.


KNDI found that Fresh Fri, mostly manufactured from refined palm oleic, contains excellent levels of oleic acid, which modulates cancer risk, autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses, and wound healing. Linoleic and linolenic acids are also present.


"Oleic acid prevents heart disease and lowers cholesterol." "Other fatty acids may be supplied via food or produced," added Okeyo.


Linoleic and linolenic fatty acids are needed. Many studies have linked essential fatty acids to decreased cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention, arthritis, and diabetes mellitus.

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