Joblessness in Kenya is real, and it may soon be out of hand if necessary mechanisms are not kept in place with the rising number of graduates every year.


There were only twenty openings that required being filled, but individuals who were now jobless would show up in large numbers to test their luck.


Along the Kitengela–Athi River Road that leads to the EPZ company's main gate, there was seen to be a very lengthy line of hopeful individuals seeking employment.


EPZ gates in Kitengela where people scarmbling for work

The people looking for work, on the other hand, would not be permitted admission since the gatekeepers asked that they show their passes before being let in.


Dissatisfied with the lack of previous communication on the gate pass requirement, the bulk of attendees eventually departed the arena.


A worker at Hela Garments Intimates EPZ Limited said that a riot was about to start because so many people were at the place where they were hiring new workers. There were only 20 vacancies. 


"People started thronging the road as early as 6:00 o'clock in the morning. I am not sure which specific company was hiring since there are lots of industries adjoining each other here. I work at Hela which is also part of the EPZ. I was told many left frustrated as only a few were picked," said Ruth Katibi. 

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