Georgina Njenga, a YouTuber, and her boyfriend, Baha, an actor, have had a difficult time on the internet ever since a video of Georgina dancing in her birthday suit was posted online and made public.


A number of people on the internet offered their support to the young couple, while others poked fun of them.


Georgina came out to explain the leak was the result of malicious intent on the part of an ex-boyfriend who was jealous of her new relationship and dissatisfied with how things were going between the two of them. 



Georgina Njenga latest photo


She said that the material had been taped several years before.


"I was 17 years old, and I was with someone I loved. After I came clean about my connection with Tyler in the year 2020, he immediately began making threats against me," Georgina told a Bana reporter.


Baha responded by uploading a photo of his girlfriend with the message "love emojis," demonstrating his affection and support for the woman he is seeing.


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