Jane Wambui Mburu with her daughter Hottensia Wambui photo

Jane Wambui Mburu labored away in Saudi Arabia for nine arduous years in the hopes of bettering her life as well as the lives of her son and her daughter, Hottensia Wambui, who is now 25 years old.


When the woman's mother from Mburu Kiambu returned from Saudi Arabia, she discovered that her daughter had wasted all of the KSh 2 million that she had sent her.


During that time, the 42-year-old single mother decided to leave her only daughter in charge of caring for the younger brother, and she leased a home in the town of Kiambu for the trio to live in.


Wambui's daughter had another child while her mother was abroad, and the doting mother promised to pay for the child to attend private school just as she did for her own son.


The mother began to get the impression that she would no longer be able to keep working in Saudi Arabia as time went on, owing to the fact that she was getting on in years and the nature of the employment there.


She had been sending money back to be held in an account at home, so she was aware that she would soon be returning to settle, but she was unprepared for the surprise that awaited her when she finally arrived.


"She repeatedly reassured me that the money, which was over 2 million Kenyan shillings, was highly secure in her account. I hadn't seen her since December, but upon my return I saw that she had an anxious and troubled expression on her face, " Wambui said.


After doing the inquiry, she came to the conclusion that her daughter had been pampering her friends and living a lavish lifestyle with the money.


Even worse, she just bought a car on credit. She put down a deposit of 500,000 Kenyan shillings and signed a contract that said she would pay 62,500 Kenyan shillings every month.


"After three months, she had only collected KSh 10,000 from her buddy driver, who had been using the vehicle as a taxi." This was the only payment she had gotten. The mother, who was clearly upset, said, "The driver told her that business is sluggish."


According to her, the boyfriend gave her the advice to take the vehicle and park it, which she did until the Mazda DeMio was seized. He also allegedly encouraged her to do so.


The company told Wambui that they had to deposit KSh 380,000 before they would return the car.


The fact that she does not currently have a job, despite the fact that she is aware that she will need money to pay for school fees, is contributing to her increased level of stress.


She said, "I had planned on starting a business here in Kiambu and also paying for school for my children, but as we speak, even money to purchase food is an issue." 


"I had intended to create a business here in Kiambu and also pay for school for my children."


Wambui continues by saying that, despite the fact that her daughter is always pleading for forgiveness, this does not change the reality that all of her painstaking efforts have been for nothing.


The fact that it was her own daughter who squandered the money that she had worked so hard to obtain makes it that much more difficult for her to deal with.


"Until such time as she repays that sum of money, I will never, ever forgive her. I've put a lot of effort into getting it over the course of many years. " In the end, she decided.

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