Kiambu Ruracio drama as parents, daughter fight over Sh 6 Million dowry from Mzungu lover
Drama in Kiambu during a ruracio ceremony of a girl and her Mzungu lover. 

All went well until the time for Mzungu to produce the dowry, the Mzungu said he had Ksh. 6 million and he was asking for the account to deposit the money when drama erupted. 

The girl demanded that the Ksh. 6 million that her Mzungu lover was to give as dowry be deposited in her account, her father said half of the money should be deposited to his account while half into the mother's account.

Kiambu Ruracio with Mzungu lover drama photo

The Mzungu lover didn't understand a lot of Kikuyu conversations going on and when the matter was almost out of hand, the girl told her lover that they should rush to the bank and deposit the money in her account then she will later distribute the money to her parents account.

They entered their car and drove away without saying a word and they never came back only to be spotted by her uncle yesterday at a club on Kiambu road quenching their alcohol thirst with her Mzungu lover.

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