Rapper King Kaka new album download

If you haven't been enmeshed in celebrations too much to ignore your technology, you probably already know that Kenyan rapper King Kaka just released a 17-track gospel album.

And although most people are enjoying the album, a small number of people have taken issue with certain of the tunes.


The much-awaited gospel album called "2nd Life" honors the time when the famous performer spent months in the hospital.


He had to stop making music at that time because of a misdiagnosis that caused his health to worsen. Kaka said that his sickness had brought him closer to God after his recovery.


Rapper King Kaka new album download

Well, a pastor by the name of Benson K Official has criticized one of the songs on the album called "Umenibariki," starring Goodluck Gozbert, which has gotten over 225K views on YouTube.

The pastoemphasizeded in hidefensece of why the song isn't a gospel song "I'm not here to attack, but I noticed a sign from Gozbert in the 12th and 13th seconds, and they talked about becoming number six in the 36th second."

The preacher was referring to a typical symbol connected to demon worship. He was saying that the artist should have avoided using the song's 666, which the Bible describes as the anti-Christ number.


Rapper King Kaka new album download

After hearing about the remark, the father of two decided to ignore it and dismiss it as idle chitchat. 


In response to the allegations made by the preacher, he wrote: "There are many strange things in this world; hii Dunia iko na mambo! Anyway, keep streaming on YouTube."King Kaka describes his encounters with God's faithfulness in the song.

Overall, his new album is a way for him to thank God for his full recovery and all the good things that have happened to him.

The fact that God has given him a second chance in life after doctors estimated that he would only have 30 days to live inspired the album's title.

Twelve of the album's seventeen tracks were created in cooperation with prominent musicians from Kenya and other countries. Alpha Mwana Mtule, Femi One, Jadi, Alyn Sano, Kivumbi, Wanavokali, Watendawili, Kanambo Dede, Iyanii, Anastacia Muema, Solomon Mkubwa, Phyllis Mbuthia, Walter Chilambo, and Zamunda are just a few of the musicians that have music on the album. 

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