After a disagreement about the renter's overdue rent payments, an auctioneering company in Kisumu decided to sell eight pairs of underwear that belonged to the local tenant.

Nyaluoyo Auctioneers indicated in a notice that was published in the local daily on Monday, January 30, 2023, that they are under orders from Zachariah Sichenje Masika's landlord to sell by auction four pairs of the tenant's men's underwear and four pairs of the tenant's lady's underwear in order to collect the money. The notification claimed that the auctioneers were instructed to sell the underwear.

In addition, the auctioneers have said that there would be two hip expansion attires, two children's bags, three eye adhesives, and one white cream available for purchase.

Auctioned underwear photo

Since then, the notice has gone viral, and internet users have been making jokes about the auctioneering firm and the landlord because of the unusual advertisement.

Nevertheless, when speaking to The Standard, James Josiah, the director of Nyaluoyo Auctioneers, said that the notification has been construed in an incorrect manner.

According to what Josiah informed the outlet, the law mandates the company to declare publicly what is being auctioned off, regardless of how much the item is worth.

He said that the client had been operating a store in the Mega City Mall in Kisumu and that they had suddenly left the location without giving any notice, leaving the underwear behind.

Auctioned underwear notice

According to Josiah, the renter had racked up rent arrears at the time equal to Sh120,000.

"The publication conforms to the legal requirements that are associated with auctioneering. Because the previous client left the underwear behind when they moved out, there is no way that I can steal them without making a declaration. @ According to Josiah, "he had debts of 120,000 shillings."

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