Mixed reaction from Kenyans over Sen. Boni Khalwale Kerio Deaths statement
Sen. Boni Khalwale of Kakamega

Sen. Boni Khalwale of Kakamega received a variety of responses to his remarks on criminal assaults in Kerio Valley.

Khalwale bemoaned the opposition to his 2006 measure to reduce insecurity in the area on Tuesday.

A capital offense for banditry was suggested by the legislator.

Kenyans did not take well to his comments because they thought they were callous in light of previous assaults that resulted in child fatalities.

He was encouraged to provide a remedy by several Kenyans rather than just laud prior efforts.

Some of his supporters rejected it because they believed the government was rustling livestock.

Others said the senator was hesitant to admit that the actual individual who opposed his measure was lying.

"This house to grant leave to introduce a bill to amend the relevant sections of the Penal Code, Chapter 63, of the laws of Kenya, to provide for cattle rustling," the motion read.

"Considering that cattle rustling is a major source of insecurity in many parts of the country, resulting in loss of property and occasionally loss of life; taking into account that culprits, when arrested, often walk into freedom due to the right to bail and light custodial sentences;" the Senator declared. 


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