Joseph Haule, aka "Prof Jay," in hospital
Joseph Haule, aka Prof Jay.

The health condition of the legendary Bongo artist, Joseph Haule, aka "Prof Jay," has isolated him from the community for almost a whole year and left sadness at every corner for his fans.

People are sad about the artist's health because a local newspaper published an article last week that was meant to encourage other artists to help him through this hard time.

Since Prof. Jay reported sick and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Muhimbili Hospital beginning in January 2022, he has not been out of the woods yet.

The silence of the artist in talking about Prof. Jay's condition is what prompted the author to question whether his fellow artists have isolated him, as he himself sang in his song "Msinitenge."

"When you hear lyrics like this, your heart must ache, and you will wonder how many of his friends Prof. Jay has and how they have all isolated him in this difficult period? How many of his musical collaborators have joined him and his family in these trying times?

Does it mean that these early Bongo Fleva artists, big and small musically, have forgotten that Prof. Jay is one of the carvers of the musical road in the country that many are crossing right now and reaping millions? 


This is part of an article by our author that was printed on the 15th page of the last local daily's Friday newspaper.

Since the article came out, the newsroom and the corresponding writer have been busy receiving messages and phone calls with regrets about the challenges that Prof. Jay faces with his family, including his wife.

Stakeholders and fans of the new generation's music legend, Prof. Jay, who became a member of parliament for Mikumi State through the Chadema party, have been blaming, praying for, and cheering on their fellow lawmakers to make sure Prof. Jay is not alone in this dark time of his life.

"You wrote a good article; it is heartbreaking, but you did not explain how we can contribute to Prof. Jay to show that we are with him," Husna Shabaki of Mwanza told the author of last week's article.

According to information from a close source, they claim that Prof. Jay is still fighting for his health, even though he is much better. According to one local television station, his wife said in an interview that "he will be fine." "All our prayers are for him."

"When he fully recovers, he wants to come and return his thanks to God, to the government of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, and to all the hospitals he passed; to Tanzanians, including all religious leaders and his fans, he wants to come and speak at length," said the wife.

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