Mugithi singer Waithaka wa Jane blunders in Qatar concert that ended up being canceled
Popular Mugithi singer Waithaka wa Jane photo

Popular Mugithi singer Waithaka wa Jane was planning to perform at a club in Qatar, but that was not to be as the occasion did not transpire. 

Before the singer was informed that the gig would not go on as scheduled, he had already completed another engagement in Dubai and was on his way to Doha when he received the news.

A remorse letter was posted on Facebook by the composer, in which he uploaded a picture of himself and apologized to his followers for disappointing them.

He went on to say that the recent events had left him feeling devastated, but that there was nothing he could do about it.

"The event had to be canceled at the eleventh hour because the promoter failed to get all of the necessary licenses in time for the concert."

"It's a terrible thing to have to go through. I look forward to seeing you at another time. Please read the declaration."

Waithaka's is an ordeal that many artists have to go through at the hands of promoters; notwithstanding their being present at the venue, some of them are not allowed to play.

The singer's supporters flocked to the comment section to encourage him to keep going despite the negative encounter, assuring him that there would be other performances in the future.

According to John Macharia, "Qatar requires a clean and straightforward transaction; thus, take all of the essential procedures to make it in that nation."

" It is okay, bro; everything occurs for the good of those who believe in the Lord," Shiroh Bebs said.

Jackline Muhia, "You needn't worry about a thing. There is always a chance for improvement, and we will continue to pray."

" There is a purpose behind everything that takes place. God is in charge of everything."

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