Loop from NCBA new APP with new features

Loop now replaces the old NCBA Loop. The lender's new super app, under the NCBA, targets youngsters with digital goods and lifestyle elements.


The platform has never been updated in more than five years. Late 2022 saw this breakthrough of a rumor.


 The makeover has primarily been developed behind the scenes, and although a December 2022 debut was promised, it never happened, but better late than never.

On Friday, Loop informed customers that they would be unable to use the platform over the weekend until Monday. 


Reason? It was adding features to the service. We had a privileged glance, and they seem to be more than that since there is a total overhaul: the green and blue theme color that customers have always attributed to Loop is now orange, and there are additional innovations.

Loop News Features

  • Link bank accounts securely to pay from a main account. Loop clients may now link their bank accounts. A user may pay from their main account without entering account details by connecting their accounts. This technique protects the person's financial information against fraud and illegal access.
  • Linking cards on LOOP simplifies and secures money transfers.
  • Loop lets consumers connect their credit or debit cards to transfer, manage, and pay across accounts. The software says pairing cards is simple and secure.
  • There are easy ways to transfer money between accounts, pay bills, send money to friends and relatives, etc.
  • Loop now lets users earn credits by shopping, recommending friends, and doing surveys. Redeem prizes or special deals with these points. Users may check their points balance and use them for discounts, gift cards, or items.
  • This system rewards loyalty and participation.
  • The technology allows for future investments.
  • You can save.
  • Customers may borrow.
  • It's overdraftable.

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