Miniskirts ban at Methodist university

Some of the attire and trends that Kenya Methodist University would not tolerate have been made public.

Male students are not permitted to have dreadlocks, have plated hair, wear jewelry, or have their shirts untucked at the university, according to a document with the date January 5, 2023, and the signature of Dr. Esther Mbaabu, the dean of students.

"Vests that reveal the bare chest, headgear, or caps are also not permitted in lessons."

Miniskirts are one of many other types of clothing that the school consider unacceptable for female students.

The message states, in part, that all university students must adhere to the institution's dress code and wear acceptable clothing when studying, eating in the dining hall, and attending any university-related events.

Additionally, female students are not permitted to dress in tumbo cuts, exposed backs, miniskirts, body-tight pants, or see-through items.

Additionally forbidden are skirts with slits that extend above the knee line.

"Blouses with greater than four-inch-deep necklines."

Miniskirts ban at Methodist university

Africa Nazarene and Strathmore 
universities are among the institutions with much-restricted principles and rules for students. 

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