"I found semen in my wife's private parts as I inspected her," the husband said. The pastor admitted it in court.

When his wife stopped giving him conjugal rights, a pastor from Livingstone told the local court that he checked his wife's private parts to see if she was with other men.

"The move began to make sure I did not file for divorce without having concrete evidence."


Zambian Pastor observing worshippers and blessing them

"I started to smell a rat that she was seeing someone else," the well-known Zambian pastor explained. He did this to make sure that his wife was not having an extramarital affair with another man.

Joseph Chiselu, who is 48 years old, admitted to having an affair. He said that when he was looking at his wife, he found sperm in her private parts. 


Chiselu said that he saw the sperm when he was checking on his wife after a series of missed calls.

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