Men queue to recieve services from veteran
Queue for services

Five years after beginning her career as a s£x worker, a 35-year-old Nyanga lady is now providing services to both men and women. The move made her popular in Zimbabwe.

She offers credit to her regular customers as well. The lady said, "I have devoted customers who I serve on credit because I know they would never swindle me out of money."

However, customers cannot just show up and demand services be provided on credit. 


Before they visit her home, they talk about it over the phone. "My clientele and I appreciate and understand one another." None of them arrive knowing they lack funds, she said.


Serving both genders, the lady said, was not a challenge for her."I first restricted my services to men. However, one day I received a message from a woman asking if I also served them. I immediately replied, "Yes," to which she responded.

She claimed to be completely aware of the woman's needs and delivered on them. "Ask Google if you don't know how to accomplish anything," was the advice. "There, you will discover all the solutions."

The lady then began to provide services to both men and women who were at least 18 years old. She said that sometimes she had extreme busyness, forcing customers to wait outdoors. She pleaded for people to cease judging others.

Let's be mindful of others' hustles. "If you were lucky enough to get a good career, it doesn't mean you have to belittle the effort of other people," she remarked.

Old body vendors on Bulawayo's streets complain that newcomers are making it more difficult for them to get customers.
Since they have been selling their bodies for a long time, they have had a lot of clients.

But owing to some new workers who have appeared on the streets, everything has changed.

The veteran body sellers said the fresh faces were making it hard for them to get customers."

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