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Kenyans on Twitter put Safaricom under siege for allegedly stealing an idea and renaming it MPESA Go. Mteen Kenya created a prototype Application and had even later rolled it out; however, due to funding issues, they shared the idea with Safaricom. Mteen Kenya (Creating a Better Tomorrow).

It is now abundantly evident that the streets are no longer a secure place for entrepreneurs, as Safaricom, also called SafariCON online, is roaming about stealing people's ideas and goods.

It is important for Safaricom to realise that it was inappropriate for them to rename the product under the name "@mteen ke" without first obtaining permission from the creators.


@mteen Ke had the opportunity to show their idea to Safaricom, and later on, they learned to their dismay that Safaricom had duplicated their invention, renamed it, and released it under the brand name Mpesa Go.


It is startling to see that Safaricom has taken the Mteen product without permission and that this is only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of Safaricom's products, like Fuliza, were first thought of by other people, but the company always tries to force the owners to give up their ideas.


Safaricom stealing Mteen product to MPESA go

Kenyans' reactions online;

In addition to stealing a product that was created by @mteenke, @SafaricomPLC is also responsible for stealing Fuliza, which was developed by @KCBGroup.

This service was developed by @mteenke with the intention of aiding parents and guardians in their efforts to raise a generation that is financially stable and well-equipped to deal with a cashless society. However, Safaricom plc made the decision to steal it.

Safaricom is a large corporation, but they don't want to spend money on research, so all they do is steal ideas and products from smaller firms like @mteenke and this person. Safaricom hijacked the MTeen product and rebranded it as MpesaGo.


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