President William Ruto in statehouse

President William Ruto talks with journalists in a national conversation.  President Ruto expounds much on agriculture. 

"I want to tell Kenyans that all the food we have been importing all these years already contains GMOs."

"As the leader of the country, I cannot endanger the lives of the people who elected me."

"I have eaten GMO food. Have I grown breasts? I want to assure the farmers that we will hold their hands and that we will help them with properly researched seeds.

"We will greatly reduce the government's decision to charge. I want to assure Kenyans, that Galana, within two to three months, I will start building a dam at Galana. If we want to sort out the problem of the rising cost of living, there are no miracles.

"We must do it with the order. The decision to set the subsidy was a political one; it was a decision to try to find votes. It was not an economic decision.

"As the leader of the country, I must tell Kenyans the truth. That subsidy benefited other people here in the middle." 

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