Georgina Njenga video, Georgina Njenga explains whta led to the videos online with Baha

Georgina Njenga, who is married to actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha, has been a topic of discussion online since the publication of her bare chests.


Georgina was having physical desires with her lover, Dan, while she was still married to Baha.


Dan secretly filmed the lewd videos saved them on his phone all that long for and them to be distributed them online. 



The move came after a dispute. Dan wanted to smash her again in 2023 new years' celebrations despite knowing she was in relationship with Baha.


Georgina Njenga reveals after the trending expose that a guy (Dan) has been blackmailing her because he wanted to continue with her as a side chick while staying with Baha.


In the videos, Georgina can be seen dancing in the recordings that were secretly posted online and have since spread like wildfire. 


She was trying to get her other boyfriend to come into the bedroom with her.  



Baha is in for some serious humiliation as a result of this development, since he has been flaunting the fact that he is in a committed relationship with his unfaithful wife in front of the public. 



   In the year 2020, Baha and Georgina found themselves falling in love.   



 The year before last, they became parents for the first time together. 



 However, despite the trending leaked videos Tyler Mbaya (Baha) confirms he still loves his girlfriend Georgina Njenga after her viral videos. 


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