Jackton Odhiambo with his lover Edwin Chiloba before death

Jackton Odhiambo, the primary suspect in the murder of fashionista Edwin Chiloba, has acknowledged that he murdered the model over claims that the model cheated on him. 

Odhiambo killed the model because he was angry about the accusations made.

John Odhiambo, an officer of the Langas OCPD, claims that Jackton killed the victim with the assistance of two of his pals, who are now at large.

The suspect claims that he killed Chiloba to exact his vengeance on her for cheating on him during their romantic connection.

Odhiambo, who had been residing with the dead person in Eldoret for one year before his detention as the prime suspect in the murder, was taken into custody yesterday.

The two once shared a home in the role of husband and wife.

Jackton Odhiambo with his lover Edwin Chiloba before death

Alex Nyamwea, who is Chiloba's caretaker, claims that on January 4, Jackton Odhiambo contacted him on Chiloba's phone and informed him that Odhiambo was moving out of the residence they had been sharing with Chiloba.

And Odhiambo followed through on his promises by leaving the home as soon as possible with immediate effect.

After the primary suspect, Jackton Odhiambo, testified that he was inspired to conduct the killing after discovering that Chiloba had another lover, the police are examining the possibility of a love triangle involving the two of them.
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