Thika Law court

A Thika court has told a family with two wives and 13 children to put their husbands on the line between their two neighboring plots of land. This is to keep the family from fighting in the future.

Chief Magistrate Stella Atambo recommended that the burial be excavated from both sides of the property and that it should be easy for both parties to access the graveyard. She also suggested that the grave be built from both land surface borders.

The second wife, Ann Njeri Mbote, filed a lawsuit to stop the arrangements for the burial. Her argument was that she had not been engaged in the planning and preparation since the death of her husband, with whom she had six children. She argued that she had not been engaged in the preparation since her husband had passed away.

It was also mandated that the family of the late famous Kiambu businessman Christopher Mbote get a title document to that specific parcel of property that included the names of the two women with whom he had a combined total of 13 children.

"The Court directs that the dead Christopher Mbote be buried on a piece of property known as LR13537/101," CM Atambo said. CM Atambo said that the burial site should be separated from the mother title and given a separate title in the names of the two spouses.

Both women, who were each represented by their own attorney, came to an agreement that the funeral arrangements would be carried out in such a way as to exclude no one and that the dead person would be laid to rest on February 3, as the judge had directed.

"We will do all in our power to ensure that harmony exists between these two families." "We would like to extend our gratitude to the judicial system for mediating this matter, and we are hopeful that in the future, Christopher's family will be able to coexist in the manner in which he envisioned." Mungai Wainaina, a lawyer who represents the second wife, made this statement.

According to his family, Mbote, who was 78 years old, wanted to be laid to rest at the rural house in Gatundu that he shared with his first wife, Margret Waithira. Together, they had seven children. After a protracted bout with sickness, he passed away on Monday of the previous week at a hospital in Nairobi.

Before the deceased's second wife moved to court to stop the funeral procedure, the dead were scheduled to be laid to rest on Friday, which is today. The first wife had previously buried a family member on the land she owned.

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