Video of  Georgina Njenga, Tyler Mbaya's lover trending online

A video of Georgina Njenga, Tyler Mbaya's lover and girlfriend has been obtained and circulated on Telegram.

After their breakup prank a few months back, Georgina Njenga's outrageous video has emerged, crashing the internet and leaving Kenyans wondering who posted it.

In 2022, Georgina declared on Instagram that her relationship with her boyfriend was over due to unresolvable problems. She added, "I and Tyler are no longer together because of unresolvable concerns."

She would later clarify why she posted and then erased her breakup with the former Machachari actor, coming out like a mouse on drugs.

We were simply playing a truth-and-dare game with my friends, so, understandably, it did not even last for 10 minutes in her account. 

"Gosh, waking up to so many texts and missed calls," she remarked.

Screenshots of the video online make it seem revolting and impolite. 

She may be seen dancing like a little demon while wearing nothing but the heavily tattooed flesh on her thighs.

In 2022, Tyler Mbaya and Georgina, also known as Baha and Georgina, had their first child. 

The youthful, childlike couple would experience such an occurrence, according to Andrew Kibe's prophecy.

Eight months later, the prophecy came true. Kibe exclaims, "Her nukes are all over the internet."

Georgina Njenga leaked conversation with videos

Georgina Njenga leaked conversation with videos

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