Prof. George Magoha education and achievements


Prof. George Magoha went to DR Livingstone Primary School and Starehe Boys Center and School. He also has a bachelor's degree in medicine from Strathmore College and the University of Lagos in Nigeria.


He started out as an intern and worked his way up to become a senior resident and clinical lecturer in surgery at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. In 1988, he moved to the University of Nairobi and became a full professor there in 2000.

 Prof. George Magoha CV

Magoha's 91-page CV shows that he has a strong background in the education field and is eager to take on tasks and responsibilities in a strict and professional way.


At the University of Nairobi, where he served as the Vice-Chancellor, he was nicknamed "Buffalo" because of his boldness in taking on anyone who rubbed him the wrong way.


He is proud of many things he has done, like being the first vice chancellor to be chosen through a competition and being in charge when 22-story university towers were built with an 80 percent completion rate.

 Prof. George Magoha achievements

During his tenure, student riots that had become a norm at Kenya's first university were quelled.


Because he was brave and had a strict, no-nonsense personality, he was put in charge of the KNEC. 


His job was to clean up the mess and bring order back to the body, which was accused of not being able to control exam irregularities.


With the dissolution of the KNEC board, it was a start from scratch for Magoha in his journey toward redeeming the lost integrity of the council. 


Fighting exam cartels that made millions of shillings from candidates and school heads in exchange for exam leaks was his hardest job. Cleaning up the mess at KNEC came in second.


The neurosurgeon's long list of things to do included the usual "musical chairs" game of trying to fill in the gap.


But if numbers don't lie, the fact that more exam problems were reported during his time than before shows that exam cheating and cartels are getting harder to find. 

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