Sporting Lisbon vs  Benfica referee shows white card

A new regulation that was implemented in Portugal resulted in both Sporting Lisbon and Benfica being given a white card during the intense derby game that they were playing in.



Although yellow and red cards are often used, a white card was shown during the match between the Sporting women's team and Benfica.


During the first half of the game, a player reportedly said he was sick, so medical staff from both teams rushed to help her, even though Benfica was already up 3-0 at the time.



After the incident, the referee was seen waving a white card at the medical staff from both teams. This was met with applause by the crowd in Lisbon.



White cards are part of a new program that has been implemented for referees to recognize and thank clubs for fair play during games.



This new idea was put into place to make sure that the rules of the sport were more moral.



The white card is one of the new rules that have recently been implemented in football, despite the fact that its use is not yet widespread.



Furthermore, in order to enhance both the quality of the game and its spectacle, concussion replacements and longer regulation times have been included, similar to what was done during the World Cup.



The final score of Benfica's victory was 5-0, and they moved on to the semifinals of the competition. 

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