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The second season of Young, Famous, and African will soon be available, and the bombshells it contains are much more explosive than the cliffhanger the previous season left us with!


To begin, there will be some alterations made to the cast, the most notable of which is the departure of one of the stars, namely Annie Idibia, from the program.



Nation.Africa says that a well-known South African TV host and producer who knows about the show gave them some information about what will happen in the upcoming second season.


If nothing unexpected happens, the premiere of Young, Famous, and African Season 2 will take place in February or, at the very latest, March. 


Only Annie Macaulay-Idibia will not be returning as a member of the cast; the other males have confirmed that they will all be there. said the producer, who requested anonymity.What else would you expect from people? a fresh appearance! 


That is exactly it!Bonang Matheba, perhaps one of the most well-known people in South Africa, will make an appearance on the reality program in question.


The producer, upon disclosing the information, said that "Bonang should most likely be considered a fresh face that people may anticipate seeing" (Matheba). To begin, she will make an appearance in four different episodes.


Bonang Matheba, who is 35 years old, is a well-known TV presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, and actress in South Africa.


She is most recognized for her flamboyant presenting talents, her characteristic voice, and her excellent fashion flair.


The new staring said, "I'm really looking forward to the new twist that Bonang will bring to the program."


But the reason why Annie was taken off the reality show was not talked about in any detail.


However, when the program aired the previous year, Annie complained to the producers that they had cut most of her sections, which she saw as very important.


She claimed that a number of good scenes that could have portrayed her in a different light were cut from the show, and instead the producers chose to focus on the conflict in her marriage to 2face Idibia, which she claimed made her vulnerable to ridicule, particularly online. 


She argued that these scenes should not have been cut.


"There were so many amazing sequences that were cut from the program. After all is said and done, hmm. Due to the planning of a wedding, I skipped South Africa for a period of four months.It was for work that I traveled there. Annie became more irate as she ranted about the city of Johannesburg.


 "I was hosting a lot of concerts there as well; I did a lot of photo covers and radio and TV interviews, and most importantly, I also established my home basic cleaning firm there in Johannesburg.


"The first season of the program consisted of seven episodes and included interviews with some of the most prominent figures in African history, " she said.


In the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, it followed their lives as they navigated their love relationships, feuds, and jobs.


It was a topic of conversation throughout Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa for a number of days. 

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