Airtel Kenya eSIM
Airtel an integrated SIM (e-SIM)

Airtel Kenya, a supplier of telecommunications services, has made an announcement on the debut of an integrated SIM (e-SIM).


Users will have the ability to enjoy the very same functionalities as those who utilise a real sim, despite the fact that the digital SIM, which is unable to be physically removed from the phone, can indeed be uninstalled.


The electronic subscriber identity module (e-SIM) has a number of benefits compared to conventional SIM cards, including the fact that it can be activated online in a short amount of time, that it does not harm the environment, and that it makes it possible to have an additional phone line without having to carry around two devices or portable devices.


"With the introduction of electronic SIM cards in Kenya, Airtel keeps going to remain at the forefront of technology where advancement is focused on providing customers a great deal of convenience and flexibility while actively promoting modern technology and generating new platforms and opportunities that will make life simpler," said the CEO of Airtel Africa, Segun Ogunsanya. "e-SIM will allow Airtel to give users much flexibility and ease while championing digital transformation and generating new channels and possibilities that will make life simpler."


The e-SIM service has become accessible on the Airtel network. Individuals who want to toggle their current physical SIM cards to e-SIM will need to make sure those that have a connected device by dialling *#06#, get the necessary QR code, and then have Airtel service personnel guide them through the procedures of swapping their physical SIM cards for e-SIM cards.


According to Ashish Malhotra, the Managing Director of Airtel, "Consumer expectations are evolving, and we are optimistic that our customers will swiftly transition to our e-SIM because of what it offers."


According to the Chief Executive Officer of Airtel, "Mobile consumers value digital convenience; as a result, as a company, we will continue supporting technological change to give the whole customer experience."


Airtel is the second-largest telecommunications company in the nation, following in the footsteps of its competitor Safaricom, which launched the e-Sim.

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