Drama broke out in Bondeni village, Nakuru, when a 60-year-old man named Richard Ogendi, who had been sick for only a short time before he died, stopped his convoy on the way to the cemetery at a famous and controversial businessman.


Bondeni Nakuru, a dead man named Richard was taken to Simon Waweru popularly known as Baba Martin, who owes the deceased Sh 400,000. The car stalled at the door of Baba Martin's business when they were heading for burial.


The family was forced to drop the dead body, took it to Baba Martin for payments before proceeding with the burial arrangements.

The deceased man -Richard - convoy haulted just few metres to a mans' business who is said to owe the dead sh 400, 000 after undertaken merry go round with him.


They also bought a bodaboda together, but the businessman later prevented his partner from profiting from their venture.


Bondeni Nakuru where dead man stopped his burial over sh 400K debt

The man named Baba Martin had flown with $400,000 that belonged to the deceased.


The family of the deceased took the body to the business of Baba Martin, urging him to pay the Sh 400K so that the deceased could be buried peacefully.


The car carrying the deceased stalled upon reaching the Baba Martin business. However, after unloading the deceased at Baba Martin, the convoy proceeded.


The family has recorded a statement with the police. Police are now hunting Baba Martin after he escaped from the ugly scene.


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