Delta Air Lines follows JetBlue, launched free Wi-Fi on all flights
Delta Air Lines follows JetBlue, launched free Wi-Fi on all flights.


Delta Air Lines follows JetBlue, which launched free Wi-Fi on all flights in 2017, while other airlines still charge.


Southwest is $8 per day, but for now it'll be $8 per flight. United starts at $8, but nationally and internationally, flights cost more.

American cuisine is costly. Delta's free worldwide Wi-Fi will alter things too.

Numerous international airlines provide Wi-Fi, some for free (Singapore Airlines), others just for business class. For everybody, it begins at $20—not per flight. Some charge for consumption.

Six months ago, American's CEO suggested that customers should pay for Wi-Fi, but Delta's decision may shift customer perception, and it's predicted that United, American, and Southwest will follow suit with free Wi-Fi.

but not soon. Delta announced free Wi-Fi in 2018 and 2019, then slowly retrofitted its planes with the equipment during regular maintenance.The US and America might catch up in 18–24 months.

Hawaiian Airlines will provide free Wi-Fi this year. American is experimenting with offering free Wi-Fi on certain flights.

Watching a promoted film or commercial gets passengers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi.

What about livestreaming and gaming beyond email? To maintain basic Wi-Fi performance, most free Wi-Fi restricts streaming and gaming.


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