Former President Moody Awori's death is just a hoax, his family says.
Uncle Moody Awori

There have been rumours going around that the prominent lawmaker passed away, but his family has assured everyone that he is still very much alive and doing well.

There have been rumours going around that former Vice President Moody Awori has passed away, but his family has denied the rumours.

Moody Aworri was given the nickname "Uncle Moody" by his fellow Kenyans when he was born in 1928. He will be 95 next year.

He was the youngest of 16 children born to Canon Jeremiah Awori and Mariamu Awori in the city of Butere, which was the capital of the ancient Butere/Mumias region.

Moody Awori continued his education at Kakamega School after finishing his secondary education at Mang'u High School. 

After that, he continued his schooling at Makerere University, which is located in Uganda. He is a devout member of the Catholic faith.

He was awarded an honorary doctor of law degree by Southern New Hampshire University, which is located in the United States. 

In recognition of his many years of unselfish service to the vulnerable segments of society, particularly the destitute and the disabled, he was awarded the degree in May 2004.

He had five kids with his spouse, Rose Awori, and they were married for a long time.

After the death of politician Kijana Wamalwa on September 25, 2003, he took over as Kenya's 9th vice president and served in that capacity until January 9, 2008. He served from 2003 until 2008.

In 1984, he won his first election to serve as a member of parliament for the Funyula seat, which was located in what was then the Busia region.

Awori resigned from his post as chairman of the primary decision-making organ of KANU in 2002 after leaving that position and joining the National Rainbow Coalition, which was an opposition party at the time.

When Mwai Kibaki won the 2002 general election, Awori was subsequently appointed to the position of Minister of Home Affairs.

As Kalonzo Musyoka lost his seat in parliament in December 2007, President Kibaki replaced Awori as Vice President and Minister of Home Affairs by appointing Kalonzo Musyoka to those positions.

Moody Awori is a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries in addition to serving as the founding chairman of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya.

In recognition of his extraordinary service to Kenya and society in general, the Kenyan government honoured him by bestowing upon him the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) and Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH) medals.

On the evening of his 91st birthday, Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him to the position of chair of the Sports Finance Board.

He did so with the justification that it was time to give an older Kenyan a shot in that position because younger Kenyans had held those positions for far too long without being able to prevent the theft of public funds.

The President of Kenya begged Kenyans to desist from bothering Uncle Moody since many of them felt that he had reached the end of his useful life.

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