Mombasa MPESA attendant robbed at gun point by robbers
Mpesa attendance in Mombasa

A female M-Pesa agent was seen on a video captured by CCTV being terrified with severe repercussions by two armed men who demanded that she comply with their requests.

The thieves invaded the store while wielding an Ak-47 and threatened to take the lady's life if she did not hand over the money they demanded.

The lady seen in the video that has gone viral is now testifying, and she claims that she was terrified when she first saw the gun, but she had no choice but to comply with what they demanded of her.

A female M-Pesa attendant was robbed by two men in Bamburi, Mombasa, on Sunday, after the terrifying episode that was captured on closed-circuit video and has since gone viral on the internet.

The lady said that one of the males came in acting as if he needed assistance with cash withdrawals, while the second man, who was carrying an Ak-47, walked into the shop without her seeing.

She stated that she was terrified when she saw the gun and that she was forced to carry out the tasks they were demanding out of sheer terror for her life. 

She said this while she was speaking to the nation.

She said that in addition to cash, they stole several things, including phones and chargers, which are sold at the M-Pesa store where she works.

She said, "One of them even struck me and urged me to lay down, and when they were gone, I raced outside, but I saw that they had jumped on a boda boda and gone away." 

"When they were gone, I noticed that they had hopped on a boda boda and gone away."

She didn't waste any time and phoned her supervisor, who then filed a complaint with the authorities.

"They went with KSh 24,000 we had stashed away for gas, KSh 5,000 for Mpesa, and several phones, chargers, and other accessories," the owner of the business said, quite far imploring for assistance to bring the suspected terrorists to justice. 

"They went with KSh 24,000 that we had for gas," the owner of the business said. "They went with KSh 5,000 for Mpesa."

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