Queen drama TV series actress Nini Wacera photo
Actress Nini Wacera

Nini Wacera, a famous actress from Kenya, recently gave an interview in which she discussed her entire life in the glitz and glitter of the film business.

During Engage Talk, she discussed her day-to-day problems, her tragic background, her self-pitying emotions, and the resentment she harboured towards her parents.


The woman, who had one child at a young age, had a premonition that her destiny would be involved in the entertainment industry from a very young age.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that her strict father had already planned out his daughter's life, he was unable to make any changes to his script in order to fit her ambitions. Because of this, she is now attending university in order to major in business.

The star of the Great Nation Queen drama TV series was dead set on developing her amazing skills, so she spent a lot of time figuring out how she could pursue both her schooling and her precognitive gifts. In the end, she ended up forming a dance group with some of her acquaintances.


One evening, they were playing at a nightclub in the heart of Nairobi, and Wacera found this man there. He didn't spend any time letting his expectations be clear to her, and she didn't waste any time responding.

Queen drama TV series actress Nini Wacera photo

The guy completely won her over, and in only two months, she discovered that she was pregnant and became quite thrilled about it.

Nevertheless, when she informed her parents about just the pregnancy, her father, in particular, was furious and had two requirements: either marry the father of her unborn child or terminate the pregnancy. In the end, she decided to abort the child. Her father insisted that he had a reputation to uphold.

By this moment, her partner had already departed, leaving her with no other choice but to have an abortion in order to end the pregnancy.

I had the naive expectation that my dad would back me and stand by my side, but he didn't have a fascination with me. She said in her narration, "I was destroying his credibility."

A clinic in Eastleigh, Nairobi, which was operating illegally, was the location of the abortion, which took place over the course of 16 hours.

Wacera detailed the mental and bodily devastating impact that the incident had had on her prior races and how it affected her performance.

She is unable to reconcile either herself or her parents for what they did to her. She said that her attractive nature off-screen could hide anything, but underneath all those scenes, grief had been her main source of sustenance.

The actress has revealed that she regularly has overwhelming feelings and tears, which may be a result of her contemplating what life would entail if she had her own child.

Queen drama TV series actress Nini Wacera photo

Years later, she gave birth to a daughter. The results have included a strong dislike for oneself, insanity, dysthymia, and attempts at taking one's own life.

She believes that 2023 will be a brighter year; in the meantime, she is taking things one moment at a time and believing that there is a brighter future ahead.

Furthermore, she has a positive attitude about the opportunities that lie ahead for her in showbiz.

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