Head of a Israeli hacking unit Tal Hanan 'team jorge'

According to The Guardian, digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has admitted that he is the assistant to President William Ruto, whose accounts were hacked by a group of Israeli contractors.

However, Itumbi has called the hacking "inconsequential," dismissing it.

He said that despite the hackers having access to his Telegram account, their objective was not achieved. "I never use Telegram for communication of any kind."

"I made the decision to deceive the hackers who were concerned about political parties when I saw substantial growth on my Telegram account," he stated.

According to a confidential article published by the foreign outlet on Wednesday headlined, "The hacking and disinformation squad interfering in elections," members of Ruto's campaign team's Telegram accounts may have been compromised.

According to the story, Tal Hanan, the team's leader and a 50-year-old former Israeli Special Forces agent, walked a group of investigative journalists through the technique of manipulating access to Telegram in order to cause trouble.

Itumbi, who is acknowledged as being a key player in Ruto's campaigns leading up to the election on August 9, 2022, claimed that he was even contacted by reporters from The Guardian before the piece was published.

He said, "The Guardian writers contacted me on this topic, and since I was the subject, I chose to react before the story was published."

Itumbi stated that after learning about the hackers' goals, he began deceiving them.

According to Itumbi, "I quickly spread credible but false data about our campaign infrastructure, and true to word, the opposition began sending out messages based on the false information that I was purposefully spreading to mislead the hackers."

For instance, in one such chat, we created a dialogue with others in which we said that we would not deploy agents because it was too costly. In actuality, however, we had already begun hiring agents.

In my opinion, it was obvious that individuals who were interested in the information worked for our rivals.

He remarks, "Fortunately, they have acknowledged their wickedness." Other were also hacked including Statehouse official Hussein Mohammed.

Hanan goes by the alias Jorge, and his team is known as "Team Jorge" inside the organization.

The study exposes astounding details about how Team Jorge, which operates a private firm claiming to discreetly interfere in elections without leaving a trace, weaponizes misinformation. Additionally, the team serves business customers.

Advanced Impact Media Solutions, sometimes known as AIMs, is a complex software program that is one of Team Jorge's core offerings.

Team Jorge was the subject of an investigation by a group of journalists from 30 publications, including Le Monde, Der Spiegel, and El Pas.

When asked about his actions, Jorge said, "I deny any wrongdoing."

Hanan claims that they have used automated misinformation on social media, hacking, and sabotage to influence more than 30 elections globally.

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