Kamene Goro on ruracio

Kameme Goro, a prominent radio personality, does not want a conventional wedding.

Kamene says on social media that she "doesn't think" she would do ruracio, which is a ritual for negotiating a dowry.

She asked her followers to guess what the big reveal would be, and then revealed the answer.

Kamene has a history of expressing outlandish viewpoints.

Kamene on having children

Kamene had said that she was not eager to have kids.

She said at the time that she wasn't ready for the responsibilities that come with being a mother.

"I have no plans for children." It is a little tiresome; there are several sacrifices involved, and it's definitely not something I want to undertake. "Additionally, kids are costly; consider the cost of health care, education, and more," she said.

I don't want a little replica of myself. "What will I do with a tiny me?" she questioned indignantly.

The 30-year-old also said that the pregnancy experience was time-consuming and restricted.

"Nine months seems like a long time, and everything I've heard about pregnancy is really frightful." There is childbirth, which is not a simple process. I want complete control over my life. She added, "I want to wake up and declare that I want to go to Zanzibar."

While they might have a wedding, Kamene, who just commemorated her second anniversary with her DJ boyfriend, pointed out that becoming engaged does not guarantee that you will get married.

In a recent interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, she said, "I have a ring because I've been taken off the market; it's a guarantee of the like, but I'm not engaged to be married."

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