Josephine Achieng 34 sentenced for slapping a neighbour over husband affair
Josephine Achieng


A 32-year-old woman, Josephine Achieng, was handed a three-month jail term for hitting the woman with whom her husband was falling in love.

Josephine Achieng testified before Mombasa's Chief Magistrate, Vincent Adet, and pleaded guilty to violence and serious bodily injury charges.

The court was informed that Achieng, who believed her neighbor Lucy Maraba was enjoying an extramarital affair, went into her property and struck her before being detained.

In her defense, she stated to the judge that she was sorry, had suffered a major health issue as a result of the event, and pleaded for compassion.

"After I found out in 2017 that my close friend was engaging in an affair with my spouse, my relationship with her has deteriorated."

"On several occasions, we have argued over our phones that she needs to consider leaving my husband alone, but she constantly responds with arrogance that "your husband belongs to all of us" and that she should wait in the house for his money," she begged.

The court also acquitted her of a contempt charge of disturbing the peace by assaulting the claimant's residence.

"On June 1, 2019 at the Kizingo neighborhood of Mombasa Sub-county in Mombasa County, somebody intentionally and illegally attacked Marabi, causing her physical damage."

"The perpetrator is sentenced to three months in prison based on her own confession. She has fourteen days to file an appeal," Adet said.

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