Mr Seed baby mama Elizabeth Sonia photo
Mr Seed baby mama Kovu actress Elizabeth Sonia.

Just a few weeks after revealing that Mr. Seed didn't do his job as a parent, the actress has come forward again with more evidence against the musician.

This time, Sonia has accused Mr. Seed of hoarding his money and bringing their marital issues up with Sonia's mother. The actress has threatened to go off the rails in condemning the musician for his carelessness in a series of blogs.

A few days ago, when everything started, Sonia turned to her social media accounts with a brief message to describe how difficult their co-parenting has been. She began by claiming that she had no option but to inform the public that Seed is not the guy we all know.

The Kovu actress said that Mr. Seed only pays for school fees, and he never does it on time. She claimed that he always sends the money after arguments, and since she is sick of constantly having to handle her own costs, she has urged him to take responsibility for them.

" Dear baby daddy, I'm tired, I have been the most understanding baby mama on this planet but for the last seven years, you have done nothing but drain me. You never there physically, but we got used to it, so that's for Junior to decide when he grows up." She said.

Sonia has sworn to stop being the silent baby mother and has warned that if he doesn't step up, she'll start stirring up trouble.

The mother of two has made it clear that she is not looking for sympathy on social media and has asked people to stay out of her business.

She has gotten help from other women online, and many of them have told her to find ways to take care of her kids without relying on baby daddies.

Sonia said on Pwani FM that Mr. Seed needs to give his kid Junior the same attention he gives his other child Gold.

She continued by saying that throughout her pregnancy and delivery, she experienced the same suffering as his other baby's mother.

She then urged him not to feel guilty if Junior goes on to thrive in life after she asked him to openly reject their child if he chose to do so.

When Junior succeeds, Sonia said, everyone would be able to recall him, including former American President Barack Obama and even well-known Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz.

Sonia stated in her statements that she has done her best to be a good friend—and a closest mate—and that Mr. Seed is simply not paying attention to his child's development in that regard. 

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