NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera
NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera ~ Courtesy

A person who had authorization to carry guns was detained in connection with the deadly attack on a female National Hospital Insurance Fund official on Kaunda Street in Nairobi.

The guy was spotted in his house in Kenol, which is located in the county of Murang'a. He had been there for the last week.

He said that he was not the shooter of the fatal gunshot that struck Mary Gathenya Waithera on February 13 as she was walking home.

He informed the police that he had been in the Central Business District on that day and that he was carrying his weapon, but that he did not shoot it.

The police have a strong suspicion that he accidentally fired the pistol, which caused the fatal bullet to fall and strike Gathenya in the ribcage.

The individual was surrendered to forensic experts, while the gun was given to ballistics specialists for examination once it had been removed from his possession.

According to other law enforcement reports, the suspect has a female companion who works at the Jubilee Insurance Building, which is located just across the street from the location where Gathenya was murdered.

A senior officer who is familiar with the investigation said, "He maintains he neither went up into any of the floors within the building, nor did he reportedly go and store the firearm in his vehicle before leaving," which was also mentioned by another officer.

The individual was apprehended by investigators, who reported that he had been absent from the area for a considerable amount of time.

NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera
NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera

A local businessman is the one under suspicion in this case. As part of their investigation, the police are now attempting to establish his whereabouts at the time of the incident.

A postmortem performed on Gathenya's corpse showed that she had a gunshot embedded in her lungs. At first, the police and pedestrians assumed that the 46-year-old woman had just fainted and suffered a natural death.

The shot was taken from a higher vantage point than usual, and the bullet entered the body via the collarbone before coming to rest in the chest.

After her fall and subsequent call for assistance, his mouth was gushing blood.

She informed the people closest to her that she had recently been struck by something.

The corpse was transferred from Nairobi Hospital to the Kenyatta University Mortuary, where the autopsy was carried out by a panel of examiners. They determined that the cause of death was a consequence of the gunshot, and they stated that the matter was closed.

Adamson Bungei, the Chief of the Regional Police in Nairobi, said that the projectile head had been sent to forensics specialists for examination.

As part of the investigation into the event, he verified that the accused had indeed been taken into custody.

"We assume it was a bullet that fired and returned and struck her," he added, adding that they would wait to find out what the specialists have to say about the matter.

At around 5 o'clock on February 13, Gathenya was walking around downtown when, according to eyewitnesses and the police, she began to show signs of chest trouble.

After that, she became unconscious and stopped breathing. Her coworkers who were with her at the time summoned an ambulance, which came a few minutes later; however, the emergency personnel who got on the scene determined that she was already deceased.

When the occurrence took place, she was on her way back home after walking to Upper Hill from her place of employment there.

Blood smears were found at the location, according to the police, although other eyewitness accounts stated that they had heard a loud noise at the time in question.

The occurrence has given rise to the hypothesis that a sniper was responsible for it. Yet, the police believe that this is very improbable.

Kalonzo Musyoka, the leader of the Wiper Party, has recently asserted that the deceased employee of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Lilian Waithera, may have been a whistleblower.

NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera
NHIF staff Mary Gathenya Waithera

On Friday, while speaking at a rally in Azimio, which was held in Kisii County, Kalonzo said that the 46-year-old woman was the victim of a deliberate execution.

"Intelligence suggests that this mother may be a whistleblower comparable to the one who revealed information on the presidential election in August of 2022."

"There is no need for the media to rush into declaring that there was no attempt made to assassinate the official."

"How is it that they are aware?" The former vice president went on to say that maybe killings of prominent politicians will become more common in Kenya as a direct consequence of this conduct.

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