Mercy Chepchumba jailed for sending a wrong photo to her boss

Mercy Chepchumba is now behind bars, facing a 10-year term for a mistake that, whenever she considers it, continues to confound her.

The dilemma for the young mother of one began when she joined a group that sent and received ungodly photos.

However, she sent her unwarranted photo to her boss by accident, and the police had her apprehended in no time at all.

The lady from Eldoret who is now serving a 10-year term at the Lang'ata Women's Prison has described the act that led to her imprisonment and the circumstances surrounding her arrest.

Mercy Chepchumba has been behind bars for the preceding eight months since being handed a 10-year jail term for submitting an inappropriate image to her former female boss.

The offence involved sending the photo in question.

The young female convict said in an interview with Inooro TV that it all began when she joined a WhatsApp group for distributing such images and inadvertently forwarded one of the shots to her female employer.

"I had just joined this group that asked members to share images of themselves, and for some reason, I managed to send an inappropriate photo of myself to my former employer, who had hired me in her home as a house lady."

"She was extremely angry, and I also tried to make amends by apologising as much as I could."

"The mother of one reflected on it."

She claimed that the situation deteriorated when she blocked her boss to defuse the pressure between them; however, the blocking only enhanced further insults, as even the boss went on to notify the police.

She said that this was when the situation spiralled out of control.

"When the authorities had been successful in locating me, they came looking for me in Kayole. Since I've picked up so many valuable lessons while I've been locked up, I vowed to myself that, whenever I was released, I would never return to that lifestyle.

"I was completely unaware that sending such photographs may get me in trouble with the authorities," a repentant Mercy remarked.

She said that she would be appealing her decision, and she is optimistic about her chances of success given that she has experienced the consequences of her actions.

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