Kangundo MP Fabian Muli to Ruto proposal
Kangundo MP Fabian Muli

After recommending President William Ruto handle the drought problem in the nation by pumping water out of Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean, Kangundo MP Fabian Muli was subjected to intense scrutiny for his advice.

On February 22, Muli issued a request to Ruto, urging him to scrap his dam proposal in favour of an alternative that would pump water from Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean.

The legislator went on to request that Ruto send members of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to pump water to various residences around the nation.

In an attempt to justify his position, Muli said that it was essential to assist Ruto's government in reducing its expenditures.

"It is past time that we put an end to this ridiculous practice of digging boreholes and constructing dams." 

According to Mule said, "we have to slash all of the money and give it to the Kenyan army so that they can transport the water from the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria and distribute it to the entire nation."

These statements were made by Muli as he was responding to a plea that had been submitted by an engineer by the name of Victor Okuna to change the Water Act (2016) to allow for solarized ward-based boreholes as a solution to the ongoing droughts.

Okuna stated that solarized boreholes were the solution to the drought condition that has arisen as a result of climate change.

After receiving the petition, Deputy Speaker Gladys Boss Shollei sent it to the Public Petition Committee so that it might be considered by the committee.

The opinions expressed by Muli, on the other hand, were met with a range of responses from Kenyans.

Several people in Kenya are concerned that Lake Victoria would evaporate if William Ruto decides to take the advice seriously, and they voiced their concerns on social media.

On Twitter, African Juss posed the question, "What happens when Lake Victoria dries up like Lake Nakuru?"

Others were critical of the legislator, and they requested that he carry out a considerable investigation to see whether or not it was applicable in Kenya.

"I was under the impression that members of parliament had a budget for research personnel in their offices.

It would seem that he has none. According to what Alex Ogada wrote, "Maybe the wind blew his lips to make such a proposal."

Another user of social media responded to Muli's offer by claiming that the water that could be taken from Lake Victoria was insufficient.

Despite the criticism, Muli was able to garner backing from a segment of social media users who were on board with his proposition. 

Even though the country was suffering from drought and a severe lack of food, they advocated that other countries should be allowed to use water from Lake Victoria.

A user of a social media platform commented along the lines of "Lake Victoria water belongs to Egypt. We are just custodians."

"Even the people of Kisumu, who should be supplying the rest of the country with food, also need water for irrigation from Dakaini. That is how comical things are," the user said.

To solve the problem of insufficient water supply, one user of social media suggested that the state could implement the desalination process, which involves removing salt from vast bodies of water such as the Indian Ocean, for the people who live there.

Thank you for your help! "On second thought, desalination of water from the Indian Ocean is quite welcome." Chrystal Kristie insisted.

The majority of Kenya is now experiencing severe drought conditions, which are being brought on by irregular rainfall patterns.

This situation has put Kenya in a difficult position. The most recent prognosis issued by the Meteorological Department indicated that some regions of the nation should prepare for the possibility of precipitation during the final week of February.

A portion of the forecaster's statement went as follows: "Rainfall is predicted across certain portions of the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, the South Rift Valley, and isolated regions of the Highlands East of the Rift Valley."

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