Court jails a man who sodomised his 6 years old first born son

Incest charges have been brought against a father who reportedly sodomized his kid before apologizing to his wife.

PQ was accused and brought before Phillip Mutua, the senior main magistrate of Kibera, where he begged for mercy and rejected the accusations.

According to testimony given in court, the offender perpetrated the crime in Riruta on February 1.

The court was informed that the youngster is six years old.

The defendant also refuted the second charge of engaging in indecent conduct with a minor in violation of Kenya's act.

The victim's mother left him with the victim's father, who discovered the boy having trouble walking when he returned, according to testimony given in court.

The youngster reacted by detailing what the father had done when she confronted him.

The mother then awaited the man's return, and when he did, she questioned him about the mistakes, for which he expressed regret.

The incident was filed with the police, who thereafter apprehended and prosecuted the offenders.

The accused was freed after posting a Sh500,000 bail with a matching guarantee.

The convicted individual must be given access to all witness testimony and supporting documentation, following the court's directive.

On February 22, the trial will continue.

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