Peter Otieno
Peter Otieno appearing before the court. PHOTO/Courtesy

A fight between two lovers came to an end in a Makadara court when the guy confessed to robbing his woman of a Bible, a pillow, a mat, and a cell phone.

The things were taken from Valentine Songore on January 30, 2023, following an altercation with Peter Otieno, according to testimony given in court.

The perpetrator had previously made a visit to the claimant's home and made breakfast demands. He insisted on tea, and his girlfriend gave in.

When his girlfriend declined his desire for s£x, the accused reportedly taunted and smacked her. He then continued to shout, whine, and demand to sleep with her.

After that, the complainant fled for her life while reporting her boyfriend to a family member. The suspect had already departed when they got back to her home, but the aforementioned goods were missing.

As a result, when the two approached Otieno, they were welcomed with obscenities. They informed the police about it as a result of this.

The things were found at the accused's home by the police, who then arrested him.

In front of Senior Principal Magistrate Mary Njagi, Otieno pleaded guilty to Section 268 (1) of the Penal Code, which says that it is illegal to steal and handle stolen items. 

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